Take a look around. This is where all of my experimentation takes place. If there's anything you'd like to see, let me know and I'll make it happen.

Welcome to the Funk

Here at the home of development for Two4True, we strive to bring you the most interesting and up-to-date developments in the realm of web development and emerging technologies. We are always changing this site around and trying out new ways of presenting information to the masses. So... sit back and enjoy the ride.

Our Servers

Currently, this site is being run on a single Raspberry Pi with an 8GB SD card. The Pi is more than capable, running Raspbian Linux on a 700MHz ARM6 processor and packing a whopping 256MB of RAM, this little beast will chug along forever and even push out 1080i video while doing it.

Raspberry Pi

Backing up the Pi is a pair of 1TB hard drives - one networked and one run from a USB plug. Now, what in the world would someone need 2TB of storage for in this setup? Who knows, but rest assured that I'll find out.